Whole Lamb Box


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Discover the flavoursome taste of 100% Grass Fed Herefordshire Lamb.

Sixty Sheep grass fed lamb is a versatile meat which compliments a range of dishes all year round. From dining with friends & family to meal prepping & much more.

  • British Lamb
  • Free Range & Grass Fed
  • Ethically & sustainably produced
  • High-quality protein source, providing essential amino acids

Whether you are a total foodie, and full, rich flavour is right up your street, or you’re proud to support British farming and you care about where you meat has come from, we highly recommend discovering the great taste of Sixty Sheep whole lamb box.

‘I’ve never tasted lamb like it’ Debbie Brookes

Grown in the heart of Herefordshire. Our lamb has only ever been grass fed, offering a multitude of health benefits including containing high amounts of CLA and good dose of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B12, Zinc & Iron.

Not only good for your health, our lamb will feed your ethical soul. Raised solely on good grass the land has to offer, our stock has been proudly raised fairly, ethically and sustainably. Never finished or rushed to fill out on grain. We pride ourselves on the slowly grown ways our flock is matured to offer you the very best dining experience.

First time buyer? We can recommend the best cuts based on your lifestyle & family size.

Whole boxes are great for people looking for real quality without the need to go to your butchers weekly. A whole lamb box will approximately fill two shelves of a fridge freezer & perfect for those with a chest freezer looking to purchase multiple boxes.

Our savvy customers include everyone from city addresses to country retreats. There’s no better time to experience quality lamb at affordable prices.


  • 2 X Full Shoulders or 4 x half shoulders
  • 2 X Full Legs or 4 x half legs

(we recommend large families or customers with an Arga choose full, these joints are too big for a slow cooker or a smaller cooker)

  • Diced, minced or rolled breast (both perfect for stews)
  • Chops (bagged in 2s)
  • Chump chops (bagged in 2s)
  • Liver & kidney (optional)


  • 100% Grass Fed Lamb.


  • Your meat will arrive chilled, collected from the butcher that very same day.
  • All your meat will arrive in separate freezer ready bags, ready for you cook or put directly into the freezer.
  • When your meat arrives we recommend you keep out what you are going to eat that day & freeze the rest.


  • Deliveries are only available on Mondays & Fridays.
  • Delivery is FREE of charge for anyone who lives in a 20 mile radius of HR6 & buys 2 or more boxes.
  • Delivery is also free of charge for those who live within a 5 mile radius of HR6 & only purchase 1 box.
  • Frequent deliveries to Gloucestershire. FOC when flexible on delivery.
  • All other orders can be delivered as arranged with Sixty Sheep. Charges may apply.
  • Collection as arranged with Sixty Sheep.


  • A 50% deposit is due for all new customers upon reservation.

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  1. Steve Rich, Director. FulFil Nutrition

    Highly Recommend Sixty Sheep! Incredible tasting lamb and service to match. If you want to support local and get the best tasting & quality lamb in Herefordshire then look no further.

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